El Pescador, Buccaneers and Bones

More news on Buccaneers and Bones from the filming down in Belize and El Pescador.

…this past week Ambergris Caye was host to some heavy weights in the entertainment industry as they filmed “Buccaneers and Bones”. El Pescador (Lodge) was chosen from three locations in Belize to host Orion Multimedia, Michael Keaton actor/director, Tom Brokaw news anchor/author, Yvon Chouninard founder Patagonia, Bill Klyn director Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, Zach Gilford actor, Thomas McGuane acclaimed author, Lori-Ann Murphy director of fishing at El Pescador, and Aaron Adams, scientist, Bonefish and Tarpon Trust. According to Ali Flota of El Pescador, this was the “Coup de grace of fly fishing”, and truly an honor.

via El Pescador hosts Stars, Belize News, San Pedro Sun.

Don't you wish you were there? (photo from San Pedro Sun)

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  1. […] was a big fan of Pirates of the Flats and have been watching the news coming out about Buccaneers and Bones.  What was it like to be part of that project? I was really flattered.  It was a lot of fun.  I […]

  2. this is by far the best if not one of the best shows ever and to date . i love to watch it .and try not to miss it eather .

  3. Yeah, I dug it pretty hard. They had some tough days of fishing down there, but I was just down there in November at El Pescador and it was pretty accurate. Bones are easy down there, but you start chasing big tarpon or permit and sometimes they play and sometimes they don’t. I like that the fishing was realistic.

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