Fishing Jones and the Keys

I made a few blind casts and hooked a nine-inch barracuda. I pulled it in by hand and green shards of bucktail from the abused clouser stuck to its skin and my fingers.

Isn’t that a great image.  Don’t you just see that when you read those words.  Yeah… I do too.

Read this great little piece by Fishing Jones.

Fishing Jones was one of the earliest fishing blogs.  An east coaster with a penchant for stripers and a way with the written word, his is the kind of blog that you wish were updated every day, just so you could have something quality to look forward to.

I feel much the same way about Flatswalker, who also really has the ability to turn a phrase and put you there, out on the water in the middle of no where with a rod in your hand, even when you are stuck in the largely (although not totally) bonefish devoid state of California.

If you like Pete’s writing and want to see more of it… you can check out The Blitz (via Moldy Chum).


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  1. I agree, Bjorn. I love it when Pete updates. Always good stuff.

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