Fishing Jones + Andros South + My Flies

I couldn’t make  FIBFest, it is true… but I sent some flies to Pete over  at Fishing Jones so at least my flies could make it there and hopefully end up in the jaw of an Androsian bonefish or two.


At least I know my flies would have worked...

That’s one of my ties in that South Andros bonefish, caught by Pete today as he fished with Michael Gracie out of Andros South.

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  1. We’re thinking about you a lot this week Bjorn!

  2. bonefishbjorn

    Hey Andrew, I’m enjoying seeing the posts and photos. It turned out we closed on the house this week. I needed to sign paper work, move the last of our stuff out of the house and I also came down with a cold… so, while I’d LOVE to have been there, probably a good thing I wasn’t.

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