Fishing out of Abaco Lodge

I got to fish a day out of Abaco Lodge (located, you guessed it, in Abaco) with my dad and guide Tom Albury.

Abaco Lodge. Photo Credit Anna Stromsness

Abaco Lodge. Photo Credit Anna Stromsness

See, that has all the ingredients for a pretty good day to begin with. Great operation, good guide and my dad.

I’m 40, my dad is right at 73, we don’t even get to fish for trout that often, so getting my dad out bonefishing in the Bahamas is a real treat. Bonus – he gets tired after standing up for too long so I get more bow time! Yay!

My dad’s first two bones were over in Grand Bahama, same day I got my first, and BOTH of his fish were quasi unintentional. Happy to say our day of fishing got my dad two legit bonefish. He made the casts, set the hook and didn’t lose either. So, job well done on all front for Pops.

My dad and me in Abaco

My dad and me in Abaco

Abaco Lodge has been around for a few years (2009?) and is owned by Oliver White, a good guy who I did not name my son after. The lodge is just well done with a great stable of guides, good boats (all Hell’s Bay Waterman) and a great location, right on the edge of the Marls. I’ll write more about their operation and the dinner we had there in another post.

Our guide on the day was Tom Albury, who, it turns out, I had previously interviewed. Tom was good fun, never got worked up about anything and kept finding us fish. He put my dad in great positions and got him fish. It was a good day on the water.

For me, the day started out a little slow. We found fish (and by “we” I mean Tom). However, my awesome fly was pissing off the locals and after about 7 legit shots (I flubbed two of those casts, but made the other 5) set the bonefish fleeing in panic, we decided to change flies and that made the difference.

(I’ll just add that this goes against my “the right presentation trumps the right fly” line of thinking rather directly, but I still believe that, even if it goes against the evidence.)

We were waiting for the sun to poke back out and just as it did I spotted a dark shape and quickly realized it was moving. I love that moment. In that moment the world is full of potential and magic. I called out the fish and made the cast and was rewarded with that kind of aggressive charging-of-the-fly you get when you’ve done the thing well and have a happy fish in front of you. One long run and he came in, was admired and (poorly) photographed and sent on his way.

My first Abaco Bone

My first Abaco Bone

That one episode was the reason I wanted to come to the Bahamas. I can’t say it enough… I love bonefishing.

I caught a few more, got a small cuda on the spinning rig, cast at some sharks, saw a blue hole and pretty much enjoyed the day with Tom, my dad and the Marls.

Looking Good Mr. Bone

Looking Good Mr. BoneAbaco

I highly recommend both Abaco Lodge and guide Tom Albury. I want to come back.

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  1. Good job Bjorn. Nothing like feeling the pull of some spectacular fins. Have fun over the next few days and enjoy the time with your dad, they’re precious.

  2. Nice! What did those “Ph.D.s” eat?

  3. They loved a fly that was mostly crystal flash. Thing lit up like Christmas morning in the water.

  4. Good story. Great that you got to fish with your dad. I love the Bahamas.

  5. Always look forward to reading your blog; just qren’t enough of them. I and my wife and our best friend stayed at the Abaco Lodge in Hope Town . Bruce and I went bone fising with Tom Albury, also. A great guide and fun to be around, a really interesting guy. Saw a lof of awesome sights and hooked a bone but he broke off very quickly. We got out of the boat and stalked the tailing bones – they were happy and oblivious. We had to walk very slowly and deliberately, withodut splashing the water and the first school spooked after my first cast. I Love Hope Town : what a great, gracious and gentle place to be. I’ll never forget the afternoon my wife and Spent at the Reef Lounge, drinking Goombay Punch. We were facing to the east right on the water and watching the swells build and melt into white wash as they passed over the uncountable under-water reefs and rocks. The breeze from the east, from Africa, was warm and soothing, made me think of a spiced exotic drink. Can’t remember many happier and sweeter moments. Going back and will be looking to go out again with Tom A. and his super boat!

  6. I hope to get back there myself… maybe in 2016.

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