Val + Abaco + Orvis

A week in Abaco with famed photographer Val Atkinson doesn’t sound bad at all, really.  Oct. 17-23 Val is hosting a trip for Orvis at Abaco Lodge, now made famous for being the filming location for Pirates of the Flats.

Honestly, it sounds like a good time.  I particularly like this bit…

Anglers on this special trip can even participate in valuable bonefish research by collecting fin clippings and occasionally tagging their catches, prior to release. Each member of the group will receive a Helios saltwater rod, and a one year membership in Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.

Pirates were here... photo Val Atkinson

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  1. Saw your post on Skate the Fly. My URL is I think you might have missed a ‘d’. I like your site. Where do you live in the Bay Area?

  2. Hey, that’s the deal, missing D… got it now and like your blog. I just moved from Placerville to San Jose. We used to live here, so this is a re-relocation, really. Headed out for a first go on Surf Perch this Sunday. You ever fish for those?

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