Flies for Andros

The folks over at Deneki Outdoors have some advice for fly selection at Andros South.  This, of course, is particularly relevant to me, since I’m headed there in March.

Just a friendly reminder that big, light flies with rubber legs (OK, Sili Legs in this case) work really well for the un-pressured bonefish of South Andros Island.

I am a good listener.

Here are a few variations I’m pounding out for the trip (although I am now out of chain bead eyes and have an order in to re-supply).

Hot Nosed Bunny Rubber Legs Gotcha

Legs again, but a bit of bunny on the butt... burnt orange

Pink Gotcha with some white fox tail

Legs Legs Bunny Gotcha

Just in case... a Big Ugly for deeper water.

Once I get my big eyes, I’ll be tying a bunch more.  I’m still tinkering around… playing with patterns… not really in the production mindset yet.

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  1. Some good looking patterns. Hope you don’t mind if I copy a few. I’ll be heading over there the middle of April. Will let you know how they work out.

  2. Thanks. I’m sure I copied these from somewhere myself… hardly much totally new out there.

  3. Dude, if you’ve got to order in materials, buy yourself some real hooks too. Those 34007’s WILL open up on a big fish and heavy tippet. Seriously.
    I just received a fishing report from a dude who fished somewhere that the bones are simply HUGE. I’m talking double-digits easily. There was also lots of coral, etc for them to break off on, so he needed heavy tippet (like 20-lb). While he was there he saw folks lose massive fish to their hooks: Mustad 34007: opened, Tiempco: broken. His hooks–Mustad’s Signature Big Game Lights, #2–solid. I was sooo happy to hear this since I’d advised him on these hooks for big fish.
    I’m doing the same for you.

  4. PS. Great looking flies, bro. Sexy.

  5. Oh, yeah, and for deeper water: The (freakin’) Gotcha Clouser #2, lead eyes. We’ve taken sooo many huge andros fish on this, it’s sick. Here’s a sample: http://bigcharlieandros.com/images/Davin-Andros-Big-Bone.jpg and http://bigcharlieandros.com/images/gallery/andros_02.jpg

  6. Flies look great. We fished with these same types of flies (rubber legs) about 4 years ago at jolters. Killed -em! Have a great time Im jealous.

  7. Hmmm…. I didn’t order new hooks since I put the order in last night… something to look at when I run out though.

  8. Nice looking flies. Instead of ordering bead chain go to your local hardware and buy all you want in different sizes and colors. It’s waaaaay cheaper. I also suggest you look into buying or tying some of Lee Haskin’s shrimp neutralizers. It works real well for bones in Belize and it is going to be a great permit fly as well. I like tying with bunny and arctic fox. it really moves in the water. Also, try some of the Finnish raccoon- long guard hairs with great under fur.

  9. I like the look of those Neutralizers… saw those a couple months ago. Do they have bead chain in larger sizes at the home depot-like places?
    Finnish raccoon, eh? Another material to put on the list.

  10. Send me an email and I will send you Lee Haskins contact info. Maybe he’ll send you a few flies.

    Yes, I have found all sizes and colors of bead chain at hardware stores. You might have to go to several and it might be in lighting or the rope and chain area.

  11. These flies look awesome. I just got back from Cozumel. The flies that worked the best were simple. The brown snapping shrimp, and the bonefish speacial.

  12. How was the fishing in Cozumel and you do any painting out there?

  13. I’m 99 and 3/4% certain the best reason to tie lots of different bonefish patterns is for your own amusement. You could tie anything as long as it’s tan on a size 4 hook and catch South Andros boenfish. The key is getting the fly into the right position and giving it the motion the fish wants to eat. Then again you would look pretty silly with a ziplok baggie full of tan single wing size 4 bonefish flies.

  14. True… true… and it is largely for my amusement that I am tying so many different flies… also tying different sizes, from 1/0 to 4. I freely admit it doesn’t make total sense… but I’m enjoying it anyway!

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