Florida Bay Ecology on the Brink?

It seems the one constant when it comes to watery ecology is this… things appear to be heading toward utter and total destruction.  The AP story below says that Florida Bay’s ecology is headed toward collapse with the cascade of damage and ruin already a good number of domino’s down the path.  The culprits are pollution, diverted flows, urban sprawl… really this could be just about any water issue around the country.  The more things change, the more they stay the same, they say.

ISLAMORADA, Fla. — Boat captain Tad Burke looks out over Florida Bay and sees an ecosystem that’s dying as politicians, land owners and environmentalists bicker.

He’s been plying these waters for nearly 25 years, and has seen the declines in shrimp and lobster that use the bay as a nursery, and less of the coveted species like bonefish that draw recreational sportsmen from around the world.

“Bonefish used to be very prevalent, and now we don’t see a tenth of the amount that we used to find in the bay, and even around the Keys because the habitat no longer supports the population,” says Burke, head of the Florida Keys Fishing Guides Association.

Doesn’t that sound good??  No?  Yeah, to me either.

Everglades Foundation, one of the orgs trying to get things sorted (and it looks like they are having some success).

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