Let’s look at Florida

I like Florida… but Florida is in trouble. Captains for Clean Water is trying to help.

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  1. Florida voters must vote out the greedy politicians like Governor Rick Scott and his cronies who are controlled by the special interest groups that have no interest in long term preservation but are only interested in keeping shareholders rich and happy.

  2. Met these guys at the Slack Tide event in September. They did a tremendous job of informing the people in attendance who live outside Florida, most of whom had no idea of this HUGE problem because of little to no news reporting on this outside the local area being affected. Big Sugar & Big Agriculture put huge amounts of $ into the pockets of their store bought politicians & what’s really sad is sooooo many people just don’t give a damn. These large agribusinesses not only ravage the water ways of south Florida, but, then once harvested, burn the residual left over crop remnants so the pesticide laden ash falls from the sky like snow.

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