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OK, have 12 guys signed up for the fly swap. Each tyer will need to tie two flies for each person and another couple for an auction box. That means 26 flies! That’s a lot, but I think we can do it.

The auction box will be a Cliff Outdoors Bugger Barn and we’ll auction that off for the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.

So, let’s get tying. Given the number of flies we all have to tie, I’d suggest we give ourselves a bit of time to do it all by. I’m going to ask for five weeks, Feb. 18th in the mail. You can send updates and photos on the flies you are tying to and I’ll share those on the blog.

I think they are sexy.

I think they are sexy.

My flies will almost certainly be a variation on the reverse, glass back gotcha I’ve come to love tying so much.

This is who I have in the swap:

  • Me
  • Patrik Bjurenstal
  • Phil Fisher
  • Eric English
  • Aaron VanderWall
  • Kelly Bandlow
  • Mark Davis
  • Dirk Murray
  • Ross Chamberlain
  • Pucho
  • Glenn A.
  • Sam Cuva




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  1. I think you mean 24 flies. 22 for the 11 other than yourself, and 2 for the auction.
    Unless i missed something.

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