Foot Pursuit Fly Fishing: Step Ladder Bonefish

Derek started a blog recently, coinciding with his move to Florida to pursue the life of a flats guide.  He was already a guide, but more of the trout variety up in Tahoe.  He and I went out to look for surf perch, the first time either of us had done that, back earlier this year before he pulled up stakes and headed East.

He’s having a good time.

I stopped by one of the local roadside flats and plopped the ladder down in the water. I have somewhat almost given up on this flat due to my lack of seeing fish there. So, I decided to give it one more shot, this time I made a plea with the fish Gods. I told them “I am over it and needed to see some fish today, I have put my time in with no complaining and have not seen a Bonefish yet! It is time for you to kick down some fish.”

via Foot Pursuit Fly Fishing: Step Ladder Bonefish.

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  1. Love the stepladder idea, Im going to have to try that sometime! I imagine a paint bucket in front could make a decent casting basket

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