Interview with Bonefish Bjorn

And now, for something completely different.

Thanks for taking the time to sit down with yourself for this interview, and may I add, you are a very handsome man.

Why thank you. I figured I really couldn’t get out of it.

I read somewhere that someone referred to you as a saltwater expert.  What do you have to say about that?

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!  I just spit milk through my nose… you have to warn me when you are going to be funny.  Me?  An expert?  Hardly.

The truth is, I’m just profoundly interested.  I’m like a baseball reporter who never made it past Little League.  I’m in the early days of my bonefishing life and I’m on the steepish part of the learning curve.

I’m a pretty good trout angler, but the salt is a different game and that’s the appeal, really.

Well, if you are not an expert, why in the name of bacon do you have a blog?

First of all, don’t use the name of bacon in vain.  That’s just wrong.  Secondly, I started the blog because I wanted to read something like it, something with a really tight focus on bonefish, the fish that has kind of exploded in my mind, controlled my thoughts and ruined a hundred casual conversations.  Turns out not everyone is as interested in bonefish as I am.

Your (now Ex) wife isn’t as interested, that’s for sure.

True. Well, she’s my ex-wife now and my new and improved wife is much more down with me pursuing my passions.

Most of your friends aren’t.

Yes, I know that.

I don’t think your daughter is as interested.

She’s very, very interested in sharks and rays and nature, so I think I might still manage to squeak that one out. She goes shark fishing with me and loves it. I think I’m winning on this one.

Has writing the blog been fun?

Ya know, almost totally. I have fun looking for content, talking to people, getting to know folks who share the passion I have, even if most of them outstrip me in experience 1,000:1. I’ve learned a lot.  I’ve made some friendships I wouldn’t have otherwise and I’ve gotten to indulge my obsession with bonefish.

Of course, there are not fun moments.  I’ve learned not to talk too much trash.  I’m still getting used to the fact that anyone reads this stuff, but it turns out if you write something less than flattering about, oh, let’s say a rod company, it is really easy for that rod company to contact you about it.  I’ve also learned of some places to avoid… and I’ve learned that some times, people will be a-holes just because they can be.

The good outweighs the bad about 100:1.

I’ve learned to care a little bit less about how many views I’m getting and just put out content that I’d want to read.

I’m assuming that blogging is an easy path to fame and fortune.

I have had some amazing trips that have come about because of the blog. Andros, Cuba, Belize. I can’t complain. Not even one little bit.

I did get a free pair of sunglasses and a reduced rate on a few things, but I don’t sell anything… at least not yet. The blog certainly doesn’t make money, but that’s not why I’m doing it, so that is OK.

I’m not an industry insider. Not really. If there is a secret handshake, no one has shown me… is there a secret hand shake?

So… we won’t be buying one of those Loomis NRX Rods?

Not unless they knock $550 off the price tag, sorry.

Is there somewhere you’d really like to fish?

Yes.  Everywhere.  Remember, I’m not a well-traveled angler when it comes to the salt.  Now, I find myself wanting to fish with people I’m meeting as much as I want to fish locations… maybe more.  I’d love to fish with Butch Leone in Aitutaki, I’d love to fish with Joe in Florida, with Davin in Grand Caymen, with Chris in Culebra, with Andrew in South Andros (I got to do this, actually)… so many places to fish, so many folks to fish with, so little time and money!

Well, why don’t you go fish these places?

Money and time… basically. Even a free trip costs $1,000 or more.

Are you available for hire should some gear maker want to delve into the world of blogging and whatnot?

Totally, but that doesn’t seem to be the direction these guys are headed… save Orvis, who are running circles around the rest of the industry in that regard… I mostly agree with the Trout Underground on that one.

I heard you work really, really cheap.


How is that dubbing loop going for those Tarpon Flies?

I don’t want to talk about it.

Well, that’s all I have for you.  It truly has been a pleasure.

The pleasure was all mine.

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  1. Haha… Love the rather schizophrenic approach to this interview 🙂

  2. “…the fish that has kind of exploded in my mind, controlled my thoughts and ruined a hundred casual conversations. Turns out not everyone is as interested in bonefish as I am.”

    That rang true with me, as just last week my co-worker said “does everything always have to come back to fishing?” well, yes, yes it does!

  3. HA ,you invoked the name of BACON!!

  4. I had already written that when we had our meeting last night… Funny though!

  5. It’s not at all clear to me which of you is interviewing, and which is answering. And where’s the third one of you?

  6. Yes, it wasn’t clear to me either. I’m sure the other one of me was around, probably lurking in the background.

  7. Very nice: the mirrored self catching a glimpse of its own reflection… plus flippin’ hilarious.

  8. Thanks. I am just not a very serious guy… sometimes you have to make your own fun.

  9. I just ran across your web page …. Great Job! I was doing searches on bonefish etc…. to promote my lures site and you came up. Keep in touch maybe we can do something someday!

  10. Will be in Oahu next week…seeking the bones while the girls shop and sun and sun and shop….any suggestions where to go? Is Ewa Beach any good? It is close by to where we are staying…

  11. bonefishbjorn

    I’ve fished Kauai, but not Oahu. Folks are real tight-lipped about their flats, but a little time on Google Earth will probably give you some good ideas. I’ll look and see if I can’t find some more info.

  12. Bjorn, I spoke with Jim Klug this AM. Can you drop me a line? I need to talk a little AFFTA business. thanks!

  13. There is an excerpt interview of Thomas McGuane at Midcurrent. Nice to see this out there. Sitting on hands and waiting for the Hydros to ship in. >(()))0> – Dai

  14. Love the interview, man…

    Very interesting and entertaining stuff. I am putting together a blog all about providing a forum for anglers to tell their stories of how/when/why they developed the passionate love for fishing that we all seem to share. Similar to this “interview”, my blog focuses on taking an introspective approach to fishing and then allowing anglers to share what they discover with others.

    I’d love to have you write something for the site if you are interested, and this offer is extended to everyone with a passion for fishing…

    For the love of fishing,

    Paul Baechtold

  15. Jonathan Winthrop

    As a director of the Atlantic Salmon Federation (, I think your blog is an excellent example of what could help our organization’s outreach to support our efforts to promote the conservation and wise management of the wild Atlantic salmon and it’s environment. I have been receiving (and enjoying) your blog simply as a consequence of contributing to BTT over a year ago. I’d appreciate the opportunity to discuss this further.


  16. Hi there Bjorn.

    Great site and great blog, insightful, educational and very funny. Lets face it, if ‘we’ don’t laugh at this PASSION we call Bonefishing we would end up in the funny farm talking to the walls about flys, lines, flats, where, when and why.

    I was bitten many moons ago by the Bonefishing bug (along with Tarpon, Permit and any other species that is contemplating throwing itself on my presented (often badly) fly.

    Rules my life, maybe, well, yes it does and if you ask those around me they will back up this statement, oh hang on, most of the people in my life have long since left after hearing ‘Oh by the way, have you heard that a big Bone was caught blah, blah, blah’.

    Still Nurse Ratchet keeps me calm nowadays with the aid of several ‘pills’ and a ‘room’ in her ‘boarding’ house.

    On a serious note Bjorn, thanks for a great site, the ‘life’ that we call Bonefishing can never really be fed enough, but your site does feed my quest to learn, share and laugh with fellow fishos.

    Keep an eye out for my own blog which will be based in the UK in the upcoming months. After having spent the last three years travelling the world (don’t ask as the ex Mrs AKA may read this) chasing the elusive Bones I want to ‘feed’ my fellow Brit Bonefisherman with a giggle or two, some advice, receive some advice and hopefully spread the word.

    Keep up the good work mate, and hopefully speak soon.

    Cheers AKA.

  17. Thanks, appreciate the kind words. I look forward to seeing your blog. Shoot it over when it is up.



  18. David Ramirez

    Bonefishbjorn, I am an old friend of Terry Baird’s and cannot find him in Hawaii. We use to bonefish on Andros Island in the Fresh Creek area back in the 70’s. Do you have an email or phone number for Terry. I am heading to Hawaii in April.

    Thanks, enjoyed you articles on your bonefishing trips

    David Ramirez

  19. Just scoped your blog. Love it! Ever fished the turks and caicos bank?

  20. bonefishbjorn

    Never have. Sounds very nice.

  21. bonefishbjorn,

    I am planning on going out to Puerto/Nuevo Vallarta with the family at the end of June/July 2016. We are staying at the Grand Mayan.

    I am planning on bring my 10 weight fly rod/saltwater flies and a 10 ft. surf rod/poppers. Any recommendations (e.g., mouth of the Ameca River by the resort, surf/beach fishing, bay/deep sea fishing charters)?

    I read some of your earlier reports which seems like you know that area quite well and got me really excited about trying it out…just wondering if you had been out there lately? Crocodiles at the mouth of the Ameca River? By the resort?


  22. Hey Ed. It has been a while since I’ve been there, years now. So, I don’t know if things have changed or not, but the river mouth was always a good place to throw a clouser or something with a synthetic fiber construction (stands up better to the needle fish). That Ameca was just about the only place I fished and I had a good time there. Can’t really speak to what else is offered there. A 10 is probably overkill. An 8 would work just fine. I think I mostly used a 7 when I fished it. Yes, I fished right by the resort and stayed at the Grand Mayan. Fun place for the family!

    Crocs were not an issue at the river mouth… never saw one there.

    There was a croc tour you could take from one of the nearby marinas that was kind of cool, if you do want to see them.

    Have fun.

  23. Great blog site. I found you using a search for articles on the Arawak Hotel, Freeport GBI. You nailed a great shot! Did you actually climb up to the top floor? When?
    We always visit every year we stay at the Taino Beach Resort timeshare (25 years now). Always love the historical context of places like the Arawak. Seen from the Barbary Beach side, we named it the “GHOST Hotel”.
    I’m a “BoneHead” as well but, one with not a lot of success. It is nice to see that there are others afflicted with the same obsession… It is always wise to have dreams – catching bonefish is one of the best! Keep on Casting! Ron – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  24. bonefishbjorn

    I never did climb up there. I found the pics on-line. Yeah, what a crazy place that is!

    Keep after it. Practice makes perfect, right?

  25. Ha! Love it, my kind of humor!

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