Free Nautilus Reels Ringtones

My wife has a special ringtone, Oh, Mexico (we love Mexico) and while James Taylor is nice, I’ve really wanted the singing of a reel for other ringtones.  I even tried to make my own reel screaming ringtone, it didn’t work out, although we are still friends.

I was pointed to the website of Nautilus Reels (favorite reel of Joe Gonzalez) by company owner Kristen Mustad (yes, as in the hooks).

Low and behold, there they are… three to choose from.

Free Nautilus Reels Ringtones – Nautilus Reels.

Nice looking reel there.

Hear it sing.

For the iPhone you might need to know how to make any MP3 into a ringtone, and how to change file extensions.

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  1. this makes me smile…and want to be in Exuma.

  2. bonefishbjorn

    Took me a while to figure out how to get it converted as a ringtone, but now it’s there. It is a lovely sound… a lovely, lovely sound.

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