Getting Cheeky

At the fly fishing show in Reno I finally got to hold in my hands a reel from Cheeky. I’ve seen these guys pop on the scene and try to make a go of it, and since I have a soft spot for the underdog I was excited to actually see what they were producing. Talking to the Cheeky crew they even offered to get me a reel for Belize to try out.

Sure enough, the Friday before I left it arrived. I decided to put the Mojo 425 on my 8 wt, which I didn’t plan to take before the reel showed up. It ended up being a really wise choice.  The 7 wt. line I had for the trip hadn’t been used since Andros and I had forgotten that I had scrapped that line on some limestone and the line was, well, worse for wear. The 8 wt. became the go-to rod for me after the first couple days.

That’s me, working the Mojo

It was this reel that I got the only fish that really took a decent amount of line out on me and from the little I got to fish this reel, I’m cautiously optimistic. I’d need to see it perform a lot longer to really say “this is it,” but initial indications are good. It is a sealed reel, which is a very good sign and would seem to indicate that this reel is not bound to fall apart on you.

I really hope to put one of these through the reel testing that I started pre-marital disruption. I’m told they may send me one come Spring to put through the paces and I hope that happens.

Good luck in the reel game Cheeky. I hope you guys rock it.

The Mojo 425, on the rack, ready for action.

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  1. I have also held in my hands one of the Cheeky Reels. It was gold and blue like the one in your photo. It seemed to be very well made and was very attractive. It made me want one.

  2. What I like about these reels (though I’ve never held one) is the fun factor. Most of the other reels out there take themselves way to seriously (rrrr… I’m an Abel and have drag that sounds like the tin windup toys your grandfather had as a kid). I actually think fly fishing is pretty fun and people should generally fish with gear they like, but all this grey and black stuff is just so depressing. Yay for the blue and gold. I’d buy one (had I the money) on that basis alone.

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