Things I’d rather do than watch politics on TV

  1. Tie flies
  2. Watch Buccaneers and Bones on TV
  3. Figure out what weight those Mystery Lines are in the garage
  4. Organize my fly boxes
  5. slam my nads in a drawer
  6. recreational dentistry
  7. Get a facial tattoo
  8. Housewives Marathon
  9. Eat at the Three Day Old Sushi place
  10. Have a long conversation with the “Impeach Obama” guys who have the Obama + Hitler mustache posters (I hate those guys)

I hope to make better use of my time.

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  1. Um, you should’ve said “Listening to an interview about fishing and conservation with Aaron Adams on

  2. I’d totally do that.

  3. Does anyone know if TV warranties cover 30’06 bullet holes?

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