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The Bahamas are comprised of so, so, so many islands. I’ve been to exactly 3 of them, and one of those was only through the airport. I really want to see the rest of what the Islands have to offer and I’ve been particularly curious about the smaller, further afield islands. These are often called the “Out Islands” or “Family Islands.”

There are some deals to be had if you check out My Out Islands, an effort by the Bahamian Tourism Board to increase travel to the less traveled locations.

Right now (and not for too much longer) you can basically get free travel to the outer islands if you can get to Nassau with this $300 credit.

Sounds good, no? Sooooo much water to check out.

They were at the Fly Fishing Show in Pleasanton this year.

They were at the Fly Fishing Show in Pleasanton this year.

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  1. Cool! When we went to Abaco we learned that there are over 500 islands in the Abacos alone! Lots of places for bones to hang out.

  2. Bonefish Steve

    I have 10 days until I leave for my trip to one of the “out islands”. I cannot wait

  3. I’ve been to Mangrove and to Long Island and want to see more. the family islands are the only way to see the real Bahamas…and the fishing is, of course, stellar.

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