Gifts under $50 for the bonefish angler

It is Cyber Monday, right?  I have no financial stake in any of this, but I thought I would put out a list of good gift items under $50. Check it.

Form Game Rod by Redington – This is the practice rod re-envisioned with an actual fly line. You can double haul this thing and work on your timing and even play some games they’ve come up with too. A good deal at $40.

Sage One Humidor – If you enjoy a Cuban while in Cuba, this might be a good thing to have along. $50.

Jack Crevelle shirt from Skinny Water Culture – I’m a sucker for Jacks and think they are one of the most underrated gamefish swimming the salt. This is a cool shirt for $24.

Seasons on the Flats – A book about fishing the Keys through the seasons. Written by Bill Horn, illustrated by Bob White. $25.

Tarponist from Skinny Water Culture – A cool shirt for chasers of the Silver Kings. $25.

Keep Calm and Don’t Trout-Set shirt – Because it can’t hurt to have that running in the back of your mind. $21.

Badass Bonefish shirt from Deneki – It’s a bonefish, it is awesome and it is from Deneki Outdoors (the fine people who bring you Andros South). $25.

12 WT. Sun Gloves – Will Benson, a very fishy guy, is behind these sun gloves because, really, who needs skin cancer? 29$

Connect by Confluence Films – A beautiful film shot in beautiful places (including Cuba, where I fished). I have this movie. $26.

Geofish Volume 1 – What a journey these guys have been on. Great looking film. $29.

Bonefloss Micro shirt from Skinny Water Culture – Who wants skin cancer?  Not it. A great technical shirt for the flats. I actually have a couple of these. $38.

Wonder Cloth from Rio – I know I could stand to clean my lines. $5.

Agent X line cleaner from Rio – Again… I could use this. $11.

BTT Hat – Because the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust is awesome.  I liked the black underside of the bill. I had this hat and had it stolen from my car (bastards). $18.

Fly Fishing for Bonefish, by Dick Brown – Beautifully written and very informative book. I own this. $40.

Fly Fisherman’s Guide to Saltwater Prey, by Dr. Aaron Adams – A great resource for the fly tier that shows you what the fly is actually imitating. I own this. $27.

Bonefish Fly Patterns, by Dick Brown – A book I have and a great resource for fly tiers. $32.

Tosh Brown Calendar – because his stuff is awesome and this is only $12.

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  1. How bout some Spam and Egg Flies from SS Flies?

  2. Hey! Dont forget a genuine hand carved bone Hawaiian Fishhook replica pendant by Louie the Fish, available online at, for only $ 45.00! This is hand lashed in the traditional ancient Hawaiian method on to our unique, hand braided cord that is 26 inches long and easily shortened. This is by far the best hook pendant out there, and also check out my carvings of bonefish, permit and many other species on my site, and even more photos on my Facebook Fan page at Louie the Fish(artist). For custom orders email me at!
    Merry Christmas ya’ll!

  3. Yeah, flies are a possible item, but from my survey on the issue, it seems most of the readers of the blog actually tie their own flies. That’s why I avoided that on the wish list.

  4. Sounds good!

  5. thanks Bjorn – some great “stocking stuffers” at a sensible price

  6. You bet. I have some unreasonable gifts at unreasonable prices on the gift guide as well… like Savannah Cay, the whole island. But this list is more practical.

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