The Non-Slip Loop

Before I started fishing in the salt, I had never tied a fly with a loop. It never seemed like something I needed to do. I didn’t really fish streamers and I tied my steelhead flies on with a simple clinch.

Then, I got to the salt and had to figure some new stuff out… like a non-slip loop knot.

I like that about switching up your game. You need to learn new stuff and in doing, you really start rounding out your game in other ways too.  Now, if I’m throwing a streamer, I’ll use this same knot.  Progress.

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  1. I have had the exact same experience. The knot works well for streamers. big stonefly patterns and steelhead flies by giving them a much freer action.

  2. I use two knots, tippet to fly. The non-slip loop knot and the Eugene bend.

    Like mark said, one can also use the non-slip on drys, when you want freer movement on a larger dry with larger tippet.

    Great knot!!!

  3. We found the guides at Christmas Island tie it essentially the same way, however, after passing the tag end thru the hook eye, they begin their twists immediately up the main line five times then pass the tag end through the overhand knot. We never had a failure tying it their way.

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