Going to Andros

Yeah… I’m not ready for Hollywood, but these little videos are fun.


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  1. That is exactly how most of my fishing with non-fisher conversations go!

  2. Practice your casting, homey. Seriously. 20 minutes a day, every day, with an 8wt, between now and the trip. by far the biggest mistake by traveling anglers headed to flats destinations is that they don’t practice their casting.

  3. Yeah… I know I should practice… really, I think my casting is likely good enough… I can hit 50 in the wind. I can hit 70 in the calm… maybe 65… that’s about what I need. I will be bringing a couple new rods, so when I get those, I’ll get out on the grass a bit.

  4. “Lots and lots and lots of bonefish”, lol. Love the glasses too Bjorn.

  5. BTW, I’d take a little rod w/ you, say a 5 or 6. Say the wind is up one day and you have to push way back into the creeks and all you find are little schoolies. Well, on a 5-weight a 3 pound bone feels like you’ve hooked a jetski. FUN doesn’t begin to describe it. I always take a little “toy” rod w/ me now.

  6. My daughter (4) has a 2 weight… but that may be too light.

    I’ll bring a 7, on the low end… that’s what I used for big trout. My 5 weight reels would not do well on a bonefish… they’d probably catch on fire.

  7. I really like the video. I’ve stopped having conversations with my coworkers about what I do on vacation. It doesn’t come across well

  8. I know how that goes. My co-worker has no interest… but then she also insists I go to the bathroom with her and I often read kids books to her. Of course, I’m a stay-at-home dad, so that makes a lot of sense in that context.

  9. Ahh, fine cinema! I love it.

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