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Today was just about perfect. The weather was outstanding. The company was great and the fishing was wonderful.We started out the day heading far out on the ocean side. There is a small rock way out there and it serves as a magnet for fish. There are sharks, barracuda and a huge number of bones. I managed to catch a bonefish out of a huge group only to sacrifice that fish to the Cuda God. I caught another bonefish out of the group and managed to pull it out of the big school fast enough that the cudas and sharks didn’t see it. I have no pictures of that fish. Pictures were not a priority.

Long Island Lemon SharkIt was a nerve-wracking experience to revive a bonefish in my hands while constantly looking over my shoulder at the lemon sharks 20 feet away.

Next we went back on the inside flats and I got to watch Tandy, my fishing partner for the day, catch a nice 4 pound bonefish which interrupted his lunch rather rudely.


long island tandy fish

long Island Lunch

When I got on deck it didn’t take long for there to be options to cast at. The fish kept coming in and retreating, testing for weaknesses (it seemed). Then, one good cast and the lead fish in a line-up of fish aggressively chased down the fly and ate. It immediately tore off 200 feet of fly line and backing and was a heavy weight moving fast. When I got the fish in it was 26″ to the fork, so over 7 pounds. That’s just about my personal best, although I think tied with a fish I got last year in Grand Bahama.

This is, sadly, the best picture I have of that fish.
This is, sadly, the best picture I have of that fish.

I was pretty much happy after that. I didn’t land another fish and it didn’t matter.

Elvis Tandy Long Island

Long Island has been a lot of fun with a good group of guys. Tomorrow we head home and I know I’ll be thinking often of the good time I had here at Greenwich Creek Lodge.

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  1. Great reports Bjorn! Thanks for sharing your trip! I’m glad you had such a wonderful last day. Safe travels home.

  2. Strong “fin”-ish! I don’t know how you can lay down supine on the fordeck at high speed! I don’t get sea sick or vertigo but that messes with my head!

  3. What a great way to top it off Bjorn! That’s a beauty!
    I can’t believe that week went by so fast :/

  4. Good for you guys – I was with a group that fished Andros the week before and as you correctly observed, the weather made it tough some days – hard to roll cast to a bone 20 feet away in a 30 kt. breeze! Some days the fish were spooky; other days, happy and eating flies. They ate spawning shrimp, but occasionally refused them. Gotchas always seemed to get eaten.

    As always, our Bahamian hosts were outstanding and the food very good.

    Love your blog!

  5. What a great trip and a fabulous day. I can clearly picture in my head you bringing in the bonefish with the lemon sharks lurking behind. Must have been quite the experience. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Looks like a really great trip. Thanks for sharing! The water looks absolutely gorgeous.

  7. Dude! Excellent fish! Glad you all had a great trip… and yes, windless days are sent from the devil… or maybe a god with a sense of humour. 😉

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