Long is Ready

A Long Island Bonefish from a previous Angling Destinations trip.

A Long Island Bonefish from a previous Angling Destinations trip.

We have our crew for Long Island. I’ll be walking the flats of Long Island with Mark, Aaron, Doug, Doug and Tandy. Should be a good crew.

The day of departure is quickly approaching and I am starting to think beyond the fly swap toward making sure I have what I need for the flats.

Mostly, I do.

At this point I have maybe 3 sets of sun gloves and well over a half-dozen sun masks. I have the pants I need and more flats shirts than I could wear in a week. There are a few consumables I need to replenish.

  • White Socks. I buy a new pack of white socks for every trip, wear one pair a day with my wading boots and then leave the socks wherever it was I fished.
  • Sun Screen. I am so white I could serve as a beacon to warn sailors of dangerous shoals. Sun Screen, and a lot of it, is critical.
  • Barrier Cream. Nothing ruins a trip like a rash on your inner thighs. Something like Desitin works really well. Luckily, I have a 2 month old and have plenty of that floating around the house.
  • Wire bite guards. Cudas are a fish I intent to catch and I want to keep them on the line. Bite guards don’t tend to stick around.

Everything else tends to still be in the garage, just waiting for the journey. Glad we have our crew together.

Now I just need the next two weeks to melt away and let me have my escape to the Bahamas.


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  1. Doug Jeffries

    Welcome Mark. Bjorn – I think I’ll bring some wire string and a couple shark flies and maybe we can go find some spinners or sticky noses during high tide.

  2. Nice selection! How’s $200?

  3. Sounds pretty good! This comment actually goes with the next post, but I’ll move the spirit of it up.

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