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Today I got out fishing… no, not bonefishing, but fishing none the less.  I am up visiting my folks and that meant that when my daughter went down to take a nap I had grandparents to supervise and a trout stream about 2 minutes away.

The Upper Sacramento is my home water.  I grew up in this town, even if I didn’t fish it much as a kid (we were steelhead fisherman more oriented toward the Klamath).   Still, I’ve put more hours on this river than any other and that means I still know where to find fish, even in the winter.

A nice looking Upper Sac bow

A nice looking Upper Sac bow

I got 2 hours… my first 2 hours of 2010 in California… of course, I had 5 days in Grand Bahama already, so, I can’t feel too sorry for myself.

Three fish landed, #16 Bead Head PT was the fly of choice.  Saw some #22’s and some #10’s in the air (mostly #22’s).  The stones haven’t started to move and the larger bugs, I assume March Browns, weren’t bringing up any noses.

This is still the world I know best.  I didn’t second guess my fly selection or my location or my rod/reel/line.  I knew it all.  That just underscores how much I have to learn about bonefish… how they act, what they eat, when and where to find them.

I may never get to know bonefish or any one location as well as I know this water and these trout.  I can try though.

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