Home Waters – First Trout of 2011

It is April… APRIL and I just landed my first trout of the year.  There is something really weird about that, but there it is.  This was also the first time I’ve been trout fishing this year, so, at least I haven’t been skunked.

I’m up in Dunsmuir while my daughter is on Spring Break (from Pre-School).  I actually had to go and buy a 2011 Fishing License.  Yes… I didn’t even have a fishing license yet and it is APRIL.  Uff da.

I have to say… I’m pretty disappointed in Union Pacific.  The railroad that nearly killed off the whole river thanks to a train derailment (back in 1991) has decided to cut off the parking access that folks use to get up to Mossbrae Falls.  This is douchebaggery.

Note: My folks have lived in Dunsmuir for 42 years and they cannot recall anyone ever being injured by a train along the tracks to get to Mossbrae.  That has got to be tens of thousands of people that have made that short hike in those years.  I think that is a pretty good testament to common sense.  Union Pacific seems to think that we’ve run out of common sense to the point that we are now in danger of falling asleep on the tracks and suing them.  This is a good example of everything that is wrong with the mentality of “better safe than sorry.”  It kind of pisses me off.

Keep it classy, UP... keep it classy.

The river is beautiful.  It’s high, sure, but the color is good and the Upper Sac can be fished at very high flows so long as the color is good.  You just need a good supply of tin shot and, presto, you are fishing.

The gateway to awesomeness.

My batting average wasn’t too hot.  I hooked three very, very, very nice trout but was 0/3 before I got one fish to cooperate enough to actually come and shake hands.  Not a big fish, but, a wild, beautiful trout. That will do wonders for your mood.

Officially on the board for 2011 in the category of "Trout"

Ah… that’s nice.


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  1. eccelente!! what were you using? Nearest place to stay?

  2. Maybe you were strip-striking instead of trout striking?

  3. @Richard – I was using an epoxy back golden stone and a big ugly bug and a LOT of weight. Nearest place to stay (beyond my folks’ place) would be Cave Springs. http://www.cavesprings.com/ (that rental cabin on their home page is just about where I caught that fish)

  4. Can you ship that to me? How I miss a good trout out the Sacramento River.

  5. Pretty cool place.

  6. There is an effort underway to create a safer trail to the falls. UP has definitely been looking at the liability factor.


  7. I hope it happens… Mossbrae is a pretty important thing to Dunsmuir and anything that makes it harder for folks to enjoy is a really problem.

    I talked to Bob at the Ted Fay Fly Shop today about it.

    That trail needs to get off the drawing board and into reality, which will probably happen… in 10 or 20 years, I’d guess.

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