Skinny Water Culture goes to Andros

So today was the day we tried to head to the west side again. We did make it, and it was a unique experience to say the least. There was an eire feeling that if something happened you would be lost forever. We started on a flat that was about 4′ deep and quickly dropped off to 10′ and more. It looked like prime big bone territory. It wasn’t long before I had a missile cruising at me out of the deep, it was big..and coming fast, I made a nearly perfect 50′ cast that landed about 6′ in front of him and about 2′ to his right. He saw it immediately, charged it, tipped down…..and ate.

via Skinny Water Culture: Andros is where the heart is….

The folks some Skinny Water Culture just had a trip out to Andros (oh Andros, I miss you so).  Goodness ensued.  Check out their report.



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