I like awesomeness. How bout you?

I know, I put up a video from Will Benson juuuuuuusssst the other day.  Thing is, I have to post this one too.  I have to post this because it is a whole bunch of awesome.

Props to Will for tagging both the permit and the bonefish.

Now, I managed to get a grand slam down in Belize. However, this now looks like a very, very minor accomplishment compared to Will doing it 1. all by myself, and 2. catching it all on film, and 3. putting it together in a kind of awesome video.

Mad, crazy props to Will at World Angling.

When I was first looking at catching a bonefish in Grand Bahama, I actually got to talk to either Will or Dave from World Angling before my trip.  Whoever I talked to had some ideas for me, suggested the guide I used.  I had no idea at the time they possessed the mad, crazy skills they do.

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  1. This film was part of the Fly Fishing Film Fest (F3) at the IFTD last Thursday night and had a great response from the crowd. The film that brought the house down was entitled “The Doc & The Drakes.”

  2. Man, I wish I had been able to make that show.

  3. That’s crazy man! Like this blog.

  4. I have to move !!!!!!

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