I may have won $500,000!

Yup, got the email today… just a short time ago, really.  I don’t remember entering any sort of contest and I’m not sure why I would have been entered into a drawing for something to do with something in the UK, but they wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true, right?  There are laws about this sort of thing, so, I’m feeling pretty confident… my bank account should soon have an additional 1/2 million in it.  It is just going to show up there… all I had to do was send over my bank account number and my social security number and I’m told, within the week… I’ll be looking to get some new gear.

With my windfall here’s what I’ll be buying…

10 wt. Orvis Hydros

Sure, look, I have an extra $500K, but there’s no need to go and get reckless.  The Hydros is the same blank as the Helios, meaning it is light and responsive.  It is also $300 less than the Helios.  See… that’s value right there.  The 10 is the hole in my arsenal at the moment… the most glaring one, anyway. I suppose I could use a switch rod for big trout and little steelhead, but no need to get greedy.

Nautilus NV 10/11

I had one of these down in Belize and I liked it… a lot.  There are so many (SO MANY) reels out there these days that are kind of awe inspiring. It is a shame one can’t fish more than one at a time.  The NV is pretty sweet.  I’d like to tangle with something big and burly with that reel.

Galvan Torque 8

My friend Shane is just about the fishiest person I know.  He’s in the Bahamas right now with his wife and they both caught bonefish today.  Shane has taken his Torque 8 all over the world… if he trusts it, I’d like to as well.  I am needing a new 8 wt. reel now… and I’ll have all that money to burn.

Hell’s Bay Marquesa

This I want, because it looks awesome and I love the look of a sleek flats boat.  I would sell it soon after buying it when I realize I don’t live in Florida and I know nothing about boats and if I took something out in the back country by myself, I would probably die.

Patagonia all sorts of stuff

They are good people.

Skinny Water Culture – everything they make except redfish stuff

I love their stuff, but I haven’t caught a redfish, or a snook, so I can’t wear that stuff… that feels like lying.

The rest of my money… hmmm… I’ll see what I do with that.  I just put all this on my credit card, so I’ll wait for the money to pay it off and then I’ll go forward from there.

That’s just being smart.

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  1. Your next trip should be to good ol’ Florida. Tampa area for a couple days to knock the Redfish, and Snook off the list (and a couple Tarpon), then we will make the 3 hour drive down to Miami, and hook up with some friends and get on some big ol’ sloppy Bonefish, and take a few stabs at some Perms! Lets get it done!

    BTW, I am waiting to collect on 3 of those lotteries so far and they are all legit! I just know they are! Should be rich in a few days!

  2. That sounds like a good trip… I should do that. I’ll book that trip when the money comes in!

  3. Glad you are being smart about it all! Congratulations!

  4. Really Orvis?

  5. That Helios is a sweet, sweet rod and the Hydros is basically the same thing. That’s like the NRX being $500. It’s a pretty frigging good stick, I’ll tell ya.

  6. If (or when) you catch a Snook, you might change your blog name to Snookonthebrain. Just a fair warning.

  7. There are many dangers… snook may be one of them. From the little I have fished for baby tarpon, they are also pretty risky. So much water, so many fish, so little time.

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