A little Bahamian fantasy

I’m not going here… there is no airline ticket about to be purchased… I am not tying flies for this trip… I am not scouring Google Earth… but if I were looking to spend a month in the Bahamas right now… a full month… I might look to this place right here.

I could stay here...

You can stay there for a month for $1,800.  A month.

It turns out I’ve had a fantasy very similar to this in the past.  One day I’m going to have to actually do this.  I guess I’ll do it when I need to do it.

There’s also a place in Exuma for $1,200. For a month.  Like… 30 days…

How well would you get to know a place after 30 days of fishing?  I’ve begun to get a feel for some places after just a couple days.  Thirty days sounds pretty damn good.  Very good.


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  1. I’ll make it even better….
    Go halves with another angler and you’re under 1,000 bucks for a whole MONTH….

    Let me know when it’s time to fill out a roomie application ~

  2. It has occurred to me that one could split it more than two ways and end up doing a month in the Bahamas pretty well. I wonder how much a Bahamian Nanny would be?

  3. Great article i have been wanting to go since a very long time. Some of my friends have been there and they have really enjoyed the place. Thanks for the information though.

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