I might just bring some fishing gear along

It’s a family trip, but, ya know… maybe I’ll bring some fishing stuff along.

A couple of fly rods and a spinning rod. We’ll see if the boy can throw a fly and if not, there’s aways the spinning rod. I’ve been brining the spinning rod pretty much every time I head to the salt. You just never know when it is going to come in handy and I’d rather be in the game with a spinning rod than out of it.

My Cliff boxes are getting a little rough around the edges, literally, cracking, foam loose. They’ve done good service though and each is over a decade old at this point.

I bought flies and then… well… realized maybe I didn’t need to. I’m bringing several hundred flies, most that I tied. I told my wife that the flies in the boxes are the ones that I decided not to use on previous trips. The flies that aren’t in the boxes are the ones that I liked/that worked! There’s some truth there, although I am not sure exactly what percentage.

Tomorrow… we fly.

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  1. Bertrand Amezcua

    Hi there. Curious…. do you check that bag with your rods, reels and flies?
    No issues with the rough handling?
    Do you have to pay for an extra bag?

    I use to travel with a similar bag, but that was when I could take it as a carry-on.

  2. bonefishbjorn

    Yup, I checked it. Have never had a problem checking it. I have had a problem bringing it carry-on, but only through Mexico. Mexico doesn’t allow that, so if you carry on and transfer flights in MX, you’ll have to then check it. That made me miss a flight once. Otherwise, no issues.

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