For US bonefisherman there is a certain mystic that surrounds Islamorada in the Florida Keys.  I haven’t fished it.  I haven’t fished Florida at all, actually. Part of me doesn’t feel ready and part of me is drawn to places where the catching is more likely.  I want to get there though.  I need to, really.  I just haven’t made it happen yet.

The Florida Sportsman ran an interesting article about the changing nature of Islamorada.  Worth a read.

The notion of “educated” fish has crept into the vernacular, as some species, most notably bonefish and tarpon, have grown over the years more difficult to fool with flies and lures. And yet Islamorada remains one of the world’s top destinations to catch 10-pound-plus bonefish. And the spring tarpon run offers unique access to oceanside as well as backcountry fish.

Nice shot.

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  1. Yeah. That is a nice shot.

  2. Will be fishing Key West and Islamorada the first week in June, then heading up to Tampa Bay for Tarpon!

  3. Leave on 3/4 for 6 days bones @ Long Is. in Bahamas @ then 4 days same @ Andros

  4. Capt Mike Bartlett

    You gotta visit us in Key West for some bonefishing this summer. Bonefishing is so much better than people probably realise. We have a lot of bones, most between 5 & 8 pounds, with some bigger bones if you get on the right flat. I have a few spots we can catch all the dinks you want when the tide is right. We may not get the monster bones like the upper Keys, but we have good size bones, plenty of them and they are eager to eat a well placed fly!!
    Capt Mike

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