It’s a Shark!

I had to share this.

Now, I love sharks.  I think they are downright cool.  They are ancient, perfect predators and they play a critical role keeping balance in the places they are found.  However… I don’t think I’d want one just off my dock like this.

Bull Sharks, and I’m assuming that is what this is, have been found way up river in places as exotic as the Amazon and as close as the Mississippi.

Plus, my little girl loves sharks (although they are third behind snakes and crocs).

I’m betting that woman is never going to step into even a puddle that isn’t full of chlorine ever again.

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  1. No Bjorn, it is a Big Ass Shark!

  2. Lawrence Snyder

    A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is priceless.

  3. I just want to know what kind of fish she had on, how big was it, and what was she using for bait, I mean before the shark ate it.

  4. bonefishbjorn

    I thought it was a striper, but I’m not sure now. That’s a pretty classic moment right there.

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