Fish Weight

Let’s all agree not to boga grip our fish… mkay?  It’s bad.  It can injure the fish beyond repair.

So… how big was that fish?  Here is what I know… the distance from my thumb to my pinkie is 9 inches when my fingers are splayed open.  With that knowledge I can get a really solid estimate of the length of any fish.  Then, you can put that length into a fish weight calculator and presto… you have your number, more or less, and the fish didn’t get hung vertically by its lower jaw.

Win. Win.


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  1. And don’t take them out of the water!

  2. or a quick shot of the fish against the rod handle while its in the water?

  3. Lawrence Snyder

    Or use the rod. 30 inch sections

  4. Anymore I just make up random things like, “dude, double top for sure”, or “wow, that fish was at least that big, you know?!?!”

  5. You have the best comments.

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