I’ve never seen the rope

The Florida crew got a little bit of a feeling for how I get a bit obsessed about fishing.

There is a place I love called the McCloud River. The Nature Conservancy has a great property there with well maintained trails and very fishy water. The property is a few miles long and at the end of their property there is some private property and, from what I understand, there is a rope across the river there to denote where the private land starts.


The McCloud.

I’ve never seen that rope, despite frequent statements like “Let’s hike down to the rope and fish back up.” See, I never get that far. I start off with the best of intentions and then I see the water… the beautiful runs, the conifer green water. I can’t make it down the trail any more than 20 minutes before I have to fish.

For this Florida trip we were all on the phone talking about the day we all arrive. Two of us get in at 6:45 AM, and two of us get in at 10 and noon. Now, if I were patient person I might say “yeah, we can wait around and then we’ll all go fishing… ya know, whenever you guys get in we’ll get going.”

That isn’t what I said.

Instead I figured it would make more sense for the first two of us to head out fishing and for the guys getting in a little bit later to head out together, fish and then we’d meet up at the end of the fishing.

I couldn’t make it to the rope, and the trip is still three+ weeks away.

Davin said “boy, you really get to learn things about people.”

Florida is coming.

Coming to see the #skinnywaterculture

Coming to see the #skinnywaterculture



  1. To heck with the rope. There are fish to be caught!

  2. I know the problem.

    However, I’ve looked – no ropes to be found out there – just a TON of tarpon right now!

  3. Doug Jeffries

    I’ve lost a tarpon down there because of a rope. A gnarly, barnacle encrusted, 8 foot rope attached to an Styrofoam ball on one end complete with a 12 inch loose tag and a pretty much trashed crab trap semi-buried in muck and turtle grass on the other. Said tarpon found that bloody rope almost immediately after eating my fly. So yeah, I’ve been to the rope and hope I don’t see it again any time soon.

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