Killar bonefishing

Local papers sometimes run stories about folks from their area having great travel experiences. With a Google Alert set for bonefishy news, I sometimes see these stories come in through my in-box.

This story is interesting because it isn’t your normal trip. It is actually one of the Destination X trips from Angling Destinations. Because of that, we won’t get to know exactly where they were, but it sounds interesting.

One of the best parts of the story is that the main protagonist’s name is “Killar” which sounds like a pretty hard-core prison nickname.

Ten fish is a good day of bonefishing, and each of the guys had more than 10 in the first couple of hours. Killar said the fish he caught averaged more than 6 pounds — including a 10-pounder.



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  1. Great story great spot ! The sky looks familiar and the amount of fish sounds like one of my fav place to fish !!

  2. Nice pics looks like fun but where r the 6 lb average bones. I have yet to have confirmation of anywhere averaging 6 lbs. even biacayne which is the closest. Must be guide speak! Looks like fun though.

  3. Kelly J. Bandlow

    Actually did this trip with three other fishermen several years ago. Our excursion was to a different spot in the outer islands of the Bahamas. Angling Destinations was just begining this salt water “Destination X” program at the time so there were some bugs that needed to be worked out. I’m sure they’ve corrected those minor issues for the most part.. We had mixed results with the fishing, mainly because of high winds, but overall was a great time. This would be an ideal vacation for two anglers who wanted to bring along a spouse/girl friend as it’s a combined sailing trip as well.

  4. 6 pound average south of Biscayne by a large margin? I never say no in fishing, but how about some pics? I say 3-4 pound average and the 10 was 8. But still sounds like an amazing time had by all!

  5. A buddy and I were on the Destiny II the week prior to the guys in the article. And I’ve fished that area 6 or 7 times over the last couple years. There are most definitely 10lb bonefish there and most of the fish I’ve caught were heavy shouldered in the 5 – 6 lb range. A 6lb average might be a stretch but the fish there are larger than in many other Bahamas locales. We had real crappy weather and still caught plenty of good size bonefish, the odd mutton snapper, and we saw, had shots at, and landed one decent tarpon. Pretty hard to voice any complaints about a trip like that.

    Hawaii has bigger fish – no doubt about it. That one Coach and I saw on my last trip with him is easily the longest bonefish I’ve ever seen, anywhere. It was on the day of the air show in Kaneohe and the fish was in a little pocket hole along the beach flat.

  6. bonefishbjorn

    There does seem to be some guide inflation there… and if not, that’s where I’m going next!

  7. Now that sounds like great fishing Doug! See ya soon. Coach

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