Rods that travel

Now, I’ve come up with my own work around to get my rods from Point A (bonefishless place) to Point B (bonefishful place). It is very practical, but not very attractive.  It involves a soccer sock and some REI straps.

How I roll.

Well, looks like Sage has just come out with a new traveling rod case.  Hmmmmmm….

I think I just lost the style war.

Watch for them to show up at Sage.

PS – I see the word “bookmarks” at the top of the page when published, but not on the edit screen. I have no idea what that is there for.

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  1. Bjorn, you (and y0our readers) also should check out what Keith’s doing over at Nature Boy Designs: He’s posted some beautiful custom work on Facebook, too.


    — Greg

  2. I use some triangular shaped rod tubes that I got in the Cabela’s bargain barn. They are designed with interior sleeves to keep 4 sections separated for 9′ rods, but because of the shape, if I am careful, I can fit 3 rods in each of those cases for traveling, It makes things way less bulky. The sage stuff is cool though.

  3. I just wrap the tubes that my TFO rods come in with duct tape to make one unit – again not very elegant but I carry them on the plane using the carry handle on one of the cases. Thanks for this site – always enjoy the content

  4. Lawrence Snyder

    PVC blumbing with a cap end and a screw cap. A 3″x30″ holds two rods but I’ve never tried to go for three. A 3.5″ might do the three rods. They are not pretty but work and the 3″ fits with any backpack on the side pocket.

  5. Doug Jeffries

    Lawrence – ditto the cheap and ‘airport luggage handler proof’ PVC tube. My one lesson is to get a brass threaded cap. I started with a plastic cap and the luggage handlers broke the square end off (the part you need to get a grip on the threaded cap to unscrew it). That made it a real pain in the ass to get the cap off. The weakest part of those plastic caps is the inside corner of the square bit. So get a brass threaded cap. My other lesson is to wrap a dozen turns or so of duct tape around the PVC tube. If you are forced to check your rod tube you duct tape the threaded end cap just to make it a little more difficult for nefarious people to steal your rods. I’ve carried that PVC tube all over the US as carry on luggage without drama. I have had to check it coming back into the US from Mexico and other international locations. Hence, the Schedule 40 PVC rather than the thinner wall drain pipe.

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