Learn something new day… the Panga

Fishing Jones had a story about the ubiquitous Panga style boat.  It is worth a read.

The only place I’ve been on a Panga was Belize and in about 80-some days I’ll be there again, down at El Pescador. Kind of very much looking forward to it.

Everywhere else I’ve fished I’ve been on more modern flats boats, so the Panga was a change of pace.  I was surprised by the size of those boats. They really are pretty large.  For being so large I was also surprised how shallow the draft was.  We got into some pretty skinny water in those things.  I have some great memories on pangas and I look forward to making more.

On the deck of a Belizian Panga.

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  1. I ran an Andros Backwater for years. Panga by design, rips thru big water and fished well in shallows. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwOGohIjzyo Landed alot of big fish in that panga. If there is a drawback to a panga the nose can act as a sail in big winds and it’s tough to pole. That’s I went with a Shipoke Abaco 16 for the next 5 years. http://shipokeboats.com/shipoke-boats-16-Abaco.asp With any boat you compromise though. Duffer

  2. I have guided out of a 22 foot Panga here in Georgia since 2006. It is the perfect boat for the waters around here. Good dry ride, shallow draft( less than 10 inches),great fuel economy with a 90 on the back and unbelievable handling. Not the greatest for poling, except from the bow. I love my panga.

  3. great post i like it nd like more

  4. That is a lot of fishing within 100 nautical miles of the dock that can be done in a 24 to 27 foot Panga style boat. Panga Style is nothing but a flatish stern dead rise with a high bow dead rise. The beam of a classic panga is very.
    23 foot panga boats
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