Savannah Caye to the highest bidder

While coming up with interesting new potential office locations for the little startup I work at, I came across a listing for Savannah Caye.

OK, I was kind of goofing off for a minute or two and I came across a listing for Savannah Caye… as in, Savannah Caye, Belize.

I know this place. I fished there with my friend Shane when we were down at El Pescador in 2010. It has a 16 mile long tarpon flat full of big fish when the migratory tarpon are in.  It’s expansive and fairly productive. I botched my first tarpon there and landed my biggest Jack.

I can’t believe someone can buy it. It makes me wonder if someone really should be able to.

The price is $3.5M and it makes me sad that someone could easily scoop the thing up and build something stupid there.  They could dredge a channel, put in a fake beach and generally screw it up.


Anyone want to go in with me to buy this thing?  I could easily gather up $200-$300. We could set is aside from development.  The world has enough fancy resorts, but it has all too few places like Savannah Caye.


Savannah Caye Jack


Here in the States Larry Ellison just bought most of Lani… $500-$600M.  Dear god.

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  1. You could lobby the Nature Conservancy to buy it. I don’t know if they buy things outside the states but they might.

  2. I’m all in!

  3. Doug Jeffries

    Ditto the Nature Conservancy. They purchase ecologically unique and threatened properties all over the world.

  4. bonefishbjorn

    Yeah, I would say TNC, normally. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a long time. However, I’ve heard some stories about their work down in Belize that I find greatly distressing. From what I heard they basically tanked a major conservation initiative because they were asked to share the credit for the achievement with other organizations that had really done the work. They backed out and the initiative has fallen apart.
    I don’t think TNC would be interested. They have other, more politically interesting battles, I’m betting. If this gets bought to be set aside it will happen through other means. It isn’t impossible… but it will be damn hard and will require a lot of work.

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