Light on the Horizon in the Bahamas

Andros South in the morning.

Andros South in the morning.

Well… this certainly looks like good news.

The Department of Marine Resources has come out and alleviated a lot of the fear around what these regulations might look like. It indicates a lot of wheeling and dealing going on behind the scenes to scrub the most offensive parts of this thing.

DIY is safe.

You’ll need a license.

Guides will be licensed.

Mother ships will continue to be regulated by other laws (even though most people were fine with that going away).

None of that “Unguided Angler Permitted Area” stuff.

No power consolidation in the BFFIA.

Can you hear the collective sigh of relief? I can hear it from all the way in California.

So, don’t cancel that trip. Don’t boycott the Bahamas. No need to get any more worked up over what some of those guys wanted to do. They aren’t going to be able to do any of it.

It appears right now, that the Bahamas might just be saved.

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  1. This is good news. Cooler heads seemed to have prevailed. Now this is looking like a solid approach to managing the flats fishery.

  2. Good news indeed but not so happy about: “…provide access by these fishers to all fishing flats except those under special management…” – hope that doesn’t contradict your “None of that “Unguided Angler Permitted Area” stuff” comment.

    Little publicity has been given to the Department of Marine Resources’ “Economic Impacts of Recreational Fisheries” survey which came out just before the Michael Braynen” Tribune interview. Here is the link:

  3. I live on andros don’t know about license for anything. I am a big bone fishermen and have a lot of guide friends.

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