Long Island Bonefish

While I’m up in Oregon, I’m going to post a bunch of bonefishy videos found on Youtube.  Hope you enjoy.

This little short hookup is from Long Island.  Good job clearing the line.  I don’t know that I’d want my hemos hanging from my shirt right there… seem like a good thing to catch line as it is flying out fishward.

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  1. Same reason why I avoid “fishing shirts” – too many pockets, velcro this and that, to snag on.

  2. Dude, yeah. It always amazes me that the first thing people do after hooking a bonefish is reach up and try to palm the reel. Really? I mean, that’s a 2-3 hundred dollar real. Composite drag. A marvel of modern machining and engineering. Why do we think we need to help it? Plus, didn’t we fly all that way and pay all that money for the bonefish’s run anyways? Why would we want to stop it? That’s just weird.

  3. bonefishbjorn

    Good point… I guess folks just feel like they need to do something… hard to be a spectator during such an intense experience I suppose.

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