Snakes on a River (eating trout)

When you get out there, on the water, you give yourself the chance to see things others might never see in their lives. One thing that fits into this category, I’d think, would be an Aquatic Garter Snake catching and eating a rainbow trout.

I’ve actually seen this four times.  I saw it on Hat Creek.  I saw it twice on the Lower McCloud (in the same spot in different years) and today I saw it on the Upper Sacramento River, across the street from where I grew up.

Is that what I think it is?

Well... it sure is... a Garter Snake eating a Rainbow.

Suffocated first...

Down the hatch.

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  1. Richard Gilbert

    Love the blog, keeps my bonefish fantasies fed while I wait the long wait until the next time I’m lucky enough to be standing somewhere shallow out in the Indian Ocean with a flyrod in my hand. Regarding the snakes and trout thing I once sort of saw the opposite on a lake in South Africa. saw a small 2 foot grass snake about 50 foot from the bank swimming along and when it got closer to shore noticed a huge rainbow tracking it from underneath, keyed up to nail the snake. I fired a bugger, hooked the fish and which then proceeded to smash me up due to inept fishing skills. If I hadn’t intervened I think the snake would have been lunch though.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. bonefishbjorn

    Thanks Rich. The blog keeps my bonefish fantasies alive too!

    Snakes and trout… who knew?

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