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The clan in Grand Bahama in 2013

The clan in Grand Bahama in 2013


I was at my mom’s memorial service over the weekend. It went well. Hundreds of people came to pay their respects as the community said goodbye to an amazing woman. You can read my remarks about my mom (I gave to short speeches) here.

It is easy to get a little myopic when you have something like that coming up. I found it wasn’t until I got home from the trip that I realized I had no idea what I needed to do for the very next day (that would be today) as I head to the World Transplant Congress (a work thing). I had not planned on shifting the nanny’s schedule, or planned on meals for my wife or taken care of much of anything else. I had been so focused on the weekend I kind of forgot about everything else.

It occurred to me there is a parallel to how I am when I have a bonefishing trip coming up. I get a bit focused on that, maybe to the exclusion of all else. We know that to plan a trip makes you happy, maybe even happier than actually being on the trip. I get back from the trip and am at a bit of a loss for a few days, as if I never expected to actually have to come back.

A funeral is different, of course… you aren’t really looking forward to something like that and you don’t want to stay there, but it does consume your attentions.

A bit of a ramble here, but, I think I’m entitled. I’m working at the World Transplant Congress here in SF through Wed. So, if you are a transplant doctor, come by the booth (#311). I’ll post when I can.


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  1. Yeah, you can cut yourself some slack. You are doing all the right things. Thoughs and prayers are with you and your family.

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