Patagonia has a fly fishing blog

Did you know Patagonia has a fly fishing blog? I think I saw something like that, but forgot about it just as quickly (I have a 7 month old and I forget LOTS of things rather quickly these days).

I’m a fan of Patagonia. I like the ethic of the company, if not the price of the gear. I know you pay for quality and they certainly stand behind their products to the nth degree. Money plopped down on Patagonia gear is usually worth the investment, but it is still painful.

I’ve long been a fan of Yvon Chouinard and I’ve met a few other Patagonians over the years, good folks all.

Glad to see a little love directed toward fly fishing specifically. I know the roots of the company are in climbing, but sometimes it seems all I see from them is climbing and some form of extreme winter sport. I ski, infrequently and not to an extreme. I don’t climb, except to climb over a rock in a river or down a steep bank. I don’t consider fly fishing extreme, but I’m glad Patagonia is giving it the love it deserves anyway.

I would like to work for Patagonia... just say'n.

I would like to work for Patagonia… just say’n.


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