Maybe, just maybe, it is coming into shape

Back in 2010 when I landed in San Pedro it was pouring. It rained, hard, for most of the trip.

My last trip to Hawaii was mostly me getting rained on and not seeing any fish to cast to and just generally getting my ass handed to me.

Last year in Florida it rained every day of the trip, chasing us off the water and soaking us to the bone.



This year I read one facebook update from a friend who had just cancelled his planned Florida trip because it was set to rain every day. I was beginning to think we might get fairly rained out on our Florida trip next week, but a quick glance at the forecast and it looks like we might just have some awesome weather.

That would be nice.

My wife has never been to the Keys… in fact, she’s never been to Florida. So, I’m hoping the Sunshine State can dish up a little sunshine, maybe hold the thunderstorms to a minimum, and give us a few days to relax and enjoy what the Keys has to offer.

Hoping it holds.


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  1. No rain in Hawaii this week, just lots & lots of huge (excuse me, Shamoo) sized bones

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