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I’m resisting just posting a bunch of pictures of my little son. He’s occupying a fair bit of my time these days, as is appropriate.

It occurred to me that my fishing license didn’t get as much use as in years past this last year. I’m OK with that. Things ebb and they flow and last year was an ebb year for my rivers. I didn’t get to see them too often, but I also had a pregnant wife and some turmoil in my work life.

I come into 2014 with a marriage on solid footing, a job which feels pretty secure and two kids. I take those responsibilities pretty seriously, so this year might not be a heavy-use year for my 2014 CA fishing license. Hoping to get up North at least a couple times and I hope to get up to the Sierras at least once to fish with my friend John. There should be trips to the pier with my daughter and at least one trip to the salt for bones. That may be the shape of things.

I’ve cozied up to what my fishing will look like. I just have to hope that my evil plan of giving my children fishy middle names will pay off as they get older (Babine and Biscayne).

Love the look there.

Love the look there.

OK. Couldn’t resist.


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  1. Baby on Brain?

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