My 2015, a Preview

What, oh what will 2015 hold?

In short… no idea.

There are some things I know…

  • Abaco for Spring Break. Yup… the family is headed for Abaco for Spring Break this year. Very much looking forward to that. There will be a little fishing, but it is mostly family time. Me, my wife, the kids, my dad and maybe my brother and his partner.
  • Exploring some new water. Moving to Alameda here very soon. The pier we’ve know for the past two years will be further away, but we’ll be living on an island, so we’ll find some new waters to fish.
  • Friends. There are a few people I’d really like to fish with that I managed not to fish with last year. I’d like to make that happen in 2015. This will be trout fishing, California, probably short, important trips.
  • Other… and this is wide open. I was going to host a trip to Water Cay, but the February trip was way too short notice and maybe too early in the season. So, that isn’t happening. I’m looking at some other options for a hosted trip, maybe Andros, maybe Acklins, maybe Mexico and maybe even a little baby tarpon fishing in Mexico. I need to move on this pretty quickly if it is going to happen, which I hope it will. Please, please, please let me know if there is somewhere you really want to go among the options listed above. We could make it happen.

So, that’s what is shaping up in 2015. Whatever it holds, it should be interesting.


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  1. I love the Abacos. Where you going to be staying. I hooked by first Bonefish there. Notice I said “hooked.”

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