More on boat manners

Scott put together a list of suggestions to be an A-Class flats boat-mate. Included are good things to keep in mind, like:

5.) Center-up on the seat. If you are not in the center of the boat, it makes it harder for the guide to pole. If you want to stand and help search for fish, center-up then too. If it is very windy, ask the guide if it is OK to stand. It may be harder for him to pole in a stiff wind with you standing. If the guide is working harder to pole the boat, it may be more difficult for him to find fish.

See? Good stuff to think about. Check it out.

Cuba Bjorn Casting


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  1. OK. My question about that blog post is this, has everyone in the world met or fished with Doug Jeffries?

  2. I’ve fished with everyone but you Mark. Because, well, truthfully… because Bjorn warned me about you. Actually, I’ve known and fished with Scott since the mid-1980’s. Many of those trips were trips organized by Scott so I’ve met and fished with many of the same people he knows. That’s how Bjorn and I fished together on Long Island. I seem to end up in more of Scott’s photos because when we do fish together we spend a fair bit of time goofing off doing non-fishing stuff and capturing images for his web site and blog. I should find the series of photos we took in Los Roques satirizing the way people pose with fish.

  3. Doug, you and I fished together on Long Island on Bjorn’s hosted trip. That day, we went out to Turtle Rock. So I guess, that’s pretty much everyone.

  4. We did?!? Damn! Sorry man. Two things I remember about that day: wading in towards those tailing fish on that Oceanside flat and sinking past my knees into soft sand. Had to get down on my hands and knees to get out and crawl back to firmer bottom. Never could reach the fish. Second thing was that line of 6 or 7 huge bonefish setting motionless on the outside of Turtle Rock. I’d gotten back in the boat and we were drifting over to pick you up. You were off stalking fish from that huge grey cloud of a school of bonefish. I saw those fish and thought they were cudas the way they lined up and weren’t moving. Damn if they weren’t all big bonefish just hanging there.

    So I guess it’s official, I’ve fished with everyone. There’s nothing left to do but start over at the beginning and work on round two.

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