My almost job in the Bahamas

A few years back I was up for a job in the Bahamas.  There was an opening for Executive Director of the Treasure Cay Community Foundation.  They don’t even have a website.  The job paid $50K and came with free housing.

I was actually pretty qualified for the job, having played a key role in building a rural community foundation in Northern CA and having worked at one of the world’s largest community foundations in Silicon Valley. I’m actually kind of good at the whole philanthropy/community-building thing.

I sent in my resume and cover letter and heard back that I was in the running.  Then, they went radio silent and I never heard from them again.

At that point, I hadn’t even caught a bonefish.  I had never even been to the Bahamas.  What a ride that would have been.

I almost worked here

I can't imagine if I had gotten that job...

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  1. I am sure more than one Mr. Mom morning over coffee has had you wondering dreamily “What If?”…

  2. Yeah… basically… wait, where’s my coffee!

  3. Aitutakiflyfish

    Bjorn, After I drop my daughter off at schoool then make her lunch and bring it to her this morning I am going to walk out on one of the town flats for a little fly time. I will give a cast or two your way.

  4. Damn Butch… My morning… To our old house (with daughter) to meet carpet guy, book store (where I spent more than I had planned), back to old house to wait for the agent. Lunch, finger painting and nap time coming up and some edits to today’s interview because I rushed things a bit last night. I wish I were casting a line today…

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