My Florida Relative Grand Slam

I didn’t get a grand slam in Florida. I wasn’t close. However, in a certain light (a very dim and creative light) I did. You just have to look a bit further up the family tree and it all makes a certain amount of self-serving sense.

First off, I caught a bonefish. It was the only bonefish caught on the whole trip and that was largely because I was just about the only one who fished for them and I got a lot lucky.

This monster bone was caught blind casting. Yup. Blind Casting.

The bonefish

The bonefish

Next we come to the Permit. Now… Permit are in the family “Carangidae.” As it happens, I caught a member of that same family… a Lookdown. I also caught a small Jack which I didn’t get a picture of. So, I didn’t get a Permit, but I did catch a relative o the Permit, so, if you round up, well, I practically caught a Permit. Right?

The Permit Relative

The Permit Relative

That brings us to the Tarpon. Tarpon are from the Order “Elopiformes.” You know what else is in that order? Ladyfish. You know who has two thumbs and caught a Ladyfish? Yup, you guessed it. This guy! So, being creative,  you can start to see things in a certain way, if you know what I mean.

The almost Tarpon.

The almost Tarpon.

Is Order too far removed?  Well, I did catch this guy earlier in the day as well with guide Derek Rust.

derek baby tarponSo, you can clearly now see how, with just a bit of Big Bank accounting you can move some numbers from column A to column B and then, Grand Slam.

It was remarkably easy. All I needed to do to get a Grand Slam in FL was to think Out of the Box a bit.


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