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Adrienne Comeau and I met (literally, for the first time) at the airport and then we drove straight to the water. There we met Martin, who was waiting to show us his home water, Biscayne Bay. We strung up in the parking lot and then got on the boat. Shortly thereafter we broke Martin’s trolling motor, and I have to say, I’m amazed at how well Martin took it. Adrienne and I didn’t break it so much as it was broken, but I might not have been as well composed as Martin was.

We headed out.

I was really taken by how close this was to Miami, which we caught glimpses of. What a resource to have right there, so close to such an urban center. From listening to most of Carl Hiaasen’s books on my work commute I even recognized most of the names Martin mentioned as we sped out in search of bonefish.

Adrienne, in the rain.

Adrienne, in the rain.

We arrived at the desired flat and then had a nice, long shower. Basically, it rained. Hard. Adrienne was up on deck first and she actually did get at least one cast in at a Biscayne bonefish, but the shots were hard to come by in the darkness.

After a while I got up on deck, but the weather was bad and the shots were all used up.

There was a Day Saver though. That Day Saver was called Barracuda.

That is me... happy.

That is me… happy.

We caught a few and saw a lot and I was happy with that. I know you don’t go out and just stick a few Biscayne bones on demand. You need things to fall into place. You don’t need everything to break your way, but you need a majority. We were not there on that day and I was pretty pleased to end up with a nice cuda.

Barracuda are fun. They fight hard. They are super aggressive. They have “nasty, big, pointy teeth.” That sounds pretty good to me.

We visited Biscayne Bay. We got soaked. We enjoyed Martin’s love for his home water. We spanked a few Barracuda.

Martin, on the platform, showing us a place he loves.

Martin, on the platform, showing us a place he loves.

All in all… a lovey day.

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  1. Martin Carranza

    Thanks mate!

  2. bonefishbjorn

    Really… thank you for showing us around. Loved the day on the water with you.

  3. Barracuda are a gamesaver – big barracuda are like any big fish – hard to stick!!!
    I have left good bones to spend up to an hour or so working a big cuda for an “eat”
    Disclaimer – your first shot is always going to give you the best chance for an eat – but if the fish is still in the area it is still worth working them

  4. Would you mind if we shared this photo (FB, blog)?

  5. Go for it.

  6. Thanks, Bjorn. We’ll let you know when/where we post.

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