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Two bits of news from the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. First… the good news.

An 11 pound bonefish was tagged in Grand Bahama. Pretty cool.

A total of 102 fish were captured, three of which had been previously tagged. Included in the 99 newly tagged individuals was a whopping 67.2 cm (26.5 in) fish estimated at 11 pounds – the second largest bonefish tagged to date in The Bahamas! In addition to bonefish, several juvenile and adult lemon sharks and bonnethead sharks were also tagged along the northern shore of the island with the assistance of guides from H2O Bonefishing, Freeport.

The 26.5 inch fish tagged and released by Flats researchers. Note the white tag near the fishes’ dorsal fin, containing an individual number and contact information for reporting when, where, and who recaptures this fish.

Yup… damn fine fish.

Now… the less awesome news.

There’s a huge algae bloom in Biscayne Bay. There haven’t been any noticeable fish kills yet, but algae blooms are almost certainly not awesome for bonefish or their habitat.

Bob Branham, a top fishing guide who has spent more than 30 years poling fly-fishing clients across Biscayne Bay’s shallows, said he’s never seen the bay as foul as the patches he crossed inside of Elliott Key last weekend. Read more here:


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