Godspeed Marty

Got news last night that Marty passed away.  Marty was a really, really good guy.  He loved fish and the places they are found. He was a real cornerstone of conservation down here in the South Bay. He’ll be missed.

Below is a post about Marty’s bolo from earlier in 2011.

Marty showed me his new bolo from none other than Louie the Fish in Hawaii (Louie and his son guide for bonefish as well).

Nice... carved from bone, I believe.


Looking good Marty!

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  1. That would make it a bone-bonefish?

  2. Aloha Ya’ll!
    Yes I confess….I carved it, but Marty looks real smart wearing it!
    Maybe it will become the latest fashion!
    Tightlines, Louie

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