NOOBS on my Home Water

Recently I convinced a few of my long-time friends to make the 4.5 hour drive north from the Bay Area up to my home town and my home waters of the Upper Sacramento River and McCloud River.

I was happy to be able to bring these guys out on this water, water that means something to me, to share something I love.

I’ve known these guys for about 14 years. We worked together at the Community Foundation Silicon Valley, before it merged with another foundation and went through a $60,000 re-branding process that settled on “Silicon Valley Community Foundation.” Money well spent, eh?

The old foundation was kind of magical with really interesting people both working there and contributing. I have many friends from that period and can even tie my current job/career directly to that experience.

There was a lot of good food consumed, some great beer, some Keystone Light (as punishment) and fish were caught. Everyone got on fish, which was the goal. Mission Accomplished. There was some Chuck Norris movie watching too, despite the bad acting and questionable political views.

Below are some pictures. This is California, by the way. This is the California I was born and raised in. A beautiful place. I call it “Tahoe without the people.”

2016-07-16 09.24.53

A Fred Gordon shark. I want it.

2016-07-16 19.30.56-1

Upper Sacramento Rainbow.

2016-07-16 15.43.28

Beers at Yaks.

2016-07-16 12.57.56

One of my favorite bits of water, anywhere.

2016-07-16 14.16.35


Upper McCloud rainbow.


Upper McCloud


Clint get’s a fish.

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